Why Is Gel Nail Polish More and More Popular All over the World?

The beauty needs of ladies of all ages are increasing day by day. It has become a necessity in society. Girls in every country in the world are starting to care about their appearance when going out. Therefore, in addition to makeup and beautiful hair, beautiful and unique nails have become an indispensable “accessory” for girls. Therefore, choosing high quality gel nail polish brands and using good nail gel color is one of the most important factors to have long- lasting and beautiful nail sets.

Even it’s just a small detail. Beautiful nails help ladies feel more confident when going down the street, hanging out with friends or going to parties. The nails are considered one of the “powerful weapons” to help girls express their personality and stand out from the crowd. Understanding that, nail gel color was born, it created a fever in the nail industry for a long time and until now there is no sign of cooling down.

What Is Gel Nail Polish?

Nail gel color is a traditional paint replacement method that helps all ladies keep color and shine longer on hands from 2 to 4 weeks. You don’t have to wait for the nail to dry anymore and the thickness of the nail is also increased to help protect your real nail.

However, nail gel color is also more difficult to remove. It has the potential to damage nails if done incorrectly. To have a beautiful nail color and not affect the natural nail, you have to find out pretty good gel nail polish brands and use high quality nail gel color as well as practice regularly if you want to do your own nails. By using it in a right way, you don’t need to worry about nails cracking or not when washing hair, washing dishes or washing clothes.

Now, surely modern girls are no stranger to the concept of nail gel color anymore.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Nail Gel Polish Color

Nail Gel Color Has High Durability and Outstanding Shine

Nail gel color will definitely help you create masterpieces, make a strong impression on everyone as well as help you earn a large number of loyal customers. Cause it has very good quality, high durability, you or your customers won’t have to waste too much time to visit the nail salons regularly. The perfect thickness to protect real nails, minimize nail breakage and it also Keep your nails clean and beautiful as always.

A Variety of Colors, Easy to Use

Nail gel color with an extremely diverse color palette. Currently, the gel nail polish color collection has more than 170 different colors. full range of shades ready to meet all consumer needs. you can easily find out and choose your favorite colors. Whether you are a professional manicurist or a beginner, you can use them to create beautiful and impressive nails because they are easy to use, do not irritate the skin and go on smoothly when applying to your nails.

Each Set of Nail Gel Color Can Last for a Month

By using the nail gel color and other products of high quality gel nail polish brands lor, you can comfortably do housework, pick vegetables, wash dishes, wash your hair without fear of peeling paint after that. This is the perfect choice when you want to create a neat look for your hands during long trips. But of course, when your nails grow long, you can’t hide the new nail that isn’t gel-coated. When this mark is revealed, it is time for you to “break the gel” to make it beautiful again.

Gel Polish Is Super Durable and It Can Be Harmful to Your Nateral Nails If Used Incorrectly

Because nail gel color is so durable, it won’t peel off on its own over time. The process of cleaning gel polish color is often called “break the gel” because it is not easy at all, after incubating with nail remover, if the paint color is still peeling off, many people have to use a separate tool to scratch the layer. This can easily cause damage to the nail surface and the skin around the nail, under the nail.

UV Light Can Affect Your Skin

The purple light that helps the gel polish to dry quickly is UV light, also known as ultraviolet light, it is a ray that can damage the skin. However, now some nail polish brands have changed the technology, using LED lights to dry their gel polish, such as OPI, DND, CND, LDS, SNS, ect If your salon Still using UV lights, you should apply a layer of sunscreen before going to get gel nails to protect the skin of your hands.

How to “Break the Gel”

If you can’t buy a dedicated nail gel polish color remover, you can use 100% pure acetone (but it’s not as gentle as the regular ones). Use a cotton ball soaked in this solution, put it on the nail, then wrap your finger in foil, then you can use a cotton towel to wrap the whole hand to incubate, help paint quickly. more melted.

Depending on the gel nail polish brands and type of nail gel color you use, this can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. When the gel polish cracks or slides off on its own, use a rubber-tipped skin pusher to push the polish off the nail, never use a nail file to scrape it off. After that, use a nourishing oil (you can just use olive oil) to massage, restore moisture to the nails, help the nails not be brittle, limit the situation of scratches.

Tips to Avoid Nail Damage When Applying Gel Polish

Choose good, reputable and trusted gel nail polish brands. Stay away from nail gel colors that contain formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or methyl acrylate… because these are substances that not only affect nails but can also negatively affect your health.

When exposed to UV rays at a close distance, skin and nails will be damaged, you should apply sunscreen to both wrists, hands and fingers.

After removing gel nail polish color, the nails and surrounding skin are often quite dry due to prolonged exposure to the polish as well as the nail soak and the “gel breaking” activity. To overcome this problem and limit the condition of dry nails, you need to apply a little balm to soften, restore and moisturize them.


If you are not careful in the process of using color gel, they will easily cause damage to the skin, nails, and even health. Therefore, you should always keep in mind and ensure the safety factor when applying gel polish to be more effective.