How To Choose Your Signature Scent?

Once you discover your signature scent, two things will happen. The first is that each time you wear it, you’ll feel more confident and more beautiful. Second, other people will notice that you smell fabulous. But how do you decide which perfume is the right one?

Odors elicit emotion, so that’s how to begin searching for the best women’s perfume. What scents inspire you? Which fragrances cheer you? Do you love the floral aroma of roses, gardenias, and lilacs? Or do you feel drawn to freshly mown grass and the woody essence of a peaceful forest?

Perhaps you love cheerful sweet orange and tropical fruits. Or maybe it’s sultry and spicy that moves you. But don’t forget the fresh clean smell of sun-dried clothes.

Choose Your Signature Scent

Once you’ve considered the odors that evoke positive emotions in you, it’s time to go shopping. Take a whiff of everything that fits into your favorite scent group. There are floral, fruity, woody, fresh, and Oriental fragrances to experience.

Once you find a perfume that gives you a good first impression, that’s not the end. Put it on your skin and wait at least an hour to see what happens.

That first sniff at the counter revealed the top notes. But over time you’ll discover the middle and base notes, too. As each layer evaporates, the fragrance will alter.

Middle notes appear within minutes or as long as an hour after you apply the perfume. But some base notes will last until the next day.

What did you notice about the perfume you chose? Did it work well with your body chemistry? Did it continue to please you for hours after you used it? If so, you’re on the right path.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide on just one fragrance. You might want one perfume for work and another for fun. Moreover, some will smell better in the winter and others in the summer. In the end, what makes it your signature scent is that you enjoy it.


Tips on Using Nail Polish for Nail Fungus

According to a study in the US, there are more than 3 million cases of nail fungus every year that indicates a higher probability of getting this issue. So why not find out how to work with nail polish on nails having the fungus symptoms on them. Many people share their tips on using nail polish for nail fungus and they also say that if you are using an ordinary nail polish, you will surely spread the problem throughout the nails on your feet as well as on hand nails as well.

So the question is if that is so, what are the best ways to stop spreading the nail fungus and how can we use nail polish to avoid this kind of problem.

Today there are specialized nail polishes that not only are made to match your fashion needs but they are also infused to cure nail fungus and related symptoms on nails. Such nail polishes help in stopping the issue and curing the nails affected by the fungal infection.

Now there are certain things that are needed to use the nail polish for curing nail fungus and get the best results. Here are the important steps you need to follow.

Know the symptoms and sort out your issue

The first thing that is crucial is to know whether or not your nails are under fungus attack. You can notice

  • If your nails are discolored
  • Nails are de-shaped
  • Dry debris in nails and under the nail
  • Brittleness of the nails

Find the antifungal nail polish

Make sure you never choose to use the ordinary nail polish, rather you need to find the antifungal nail polish that assures to cover the fungus affected nails carefully and avoid spreading the fungus to other nails as well. You can easily find such nail polishes that offer color as well as a medicated coat for the nails to help the nail get cured faster and also help in avoiding the contagious effects.

Apply the nail polish carefully

It is important that you choose to apply the proven medicated nail polish on the fungus infected nails.

Make sure to clean the nails before applying the nail polish. You may use the anti-fungus spray to help clean the surface area. After cleaning you may apply the anti-fungus nail polish thoroughly on the affected nails. This will help the nail to heal quickly.

Try to maintain good foot hygiene

Always try to maintain good foot hygiene even if you have applied the anti-fungus nail polish. You may try to keep your nails free of moisture and disinfected after jogging or coming from the outside. Keep the nails dry and never let them stay moist for a longer time.

Always Keep the nail covered under the fungus protection nail polish

It is better to maintain the nail polish coat that promises to keep the fungus infection to its lowest and protect the nail from getting into worse condition.

Never let the nails stay moistened

After the application of the medicated nail polish, you still need to keep the nails dry and clear.

Keep a regular coat of medicated nail polish on your nails

Always maintain a good nail hygiene and a complete coat on the nail plate so that the fungus may not get spread all over to other nails until and unless you get cured of the issue.

You can use opi dipping powder with vitamins and nutrients to help improve nail health for this.

Who is at the risk of developing nail fungus and how it gets there?

People having age above 20 or more are at the risk of developing the nail fungus. It is highly contagious and can easily spread to other nails. The issue becomes even more serious in adults and old people.

Patients with diabetes, athlete’s foot, people with weak immunity and other such issues are at the risk of developing the issue.

So if you are looking for a solution for the nail fungus, it is better to pick the most reliable antifungal nail polish that helps you keep the nails coated carefully. Make sure not to ignore the foot hygiene along with the use of the proper nail coat to avoid getting into further issue son the nails. Never use the nail polish that is not meant to treat the fungus.