Learn to Remove Dip Powder Polish at Home

The pandemic is looming large and not showing any signs of abatement. Hence, one should not go out of the home unless necessary. Therefore, it is better if you learn how to remove LDS dip powder polish at home. It can save the effort of visiting a salon for removal.

The Different Methods of Dip Powder Removal

You can remove dip powder polish in two ways. Unfortunately, both these methods involve using acetone as it is not possible to remove dip powder easily without acetone.

Foil Removal

Using aluminum foil wraps for removing dip powder is the most common method of removing dip powder polish. However, you will need the following ingredients ready before you sit down to remove the nail polish.

The ingredients include acetone solution, cotton balls, aluminum foil wraps, nail file, petroleum jelly, and hand towels.

The procedure starts with filing down the excess dip powder from your LDS nails. The idea is to reduce exposure time to acetone as much as possible. Besides, reducing the powder layer allows acetone to penetrate easily. However, you should note not to file our nails too deep and damage the surface.

Your cuticles and skin around your nail need protection from acetone exposure. Hence, it is better to apply petroleum jelly to your cuticles. It keeps the area moist and prevents acetone from penetrating the skin.

Soak a cotton ball in nail polish removing solution (generally, acetone), and place it gently over the nail. Use an aluminum wrap to secure the cotton ball and prevent it from slipping away. You can also place warm towels or plastic bags over the aluminum wrap to speed up the process.

After around 15 to 20 minutes, you can remove the aluminum foil to check out the position. Generally, the LDS dip powder color polish slides off the nail surface easily. If any polish traces are left, you can dip a cotton ball in acetone and rub the nails gently. The excess polish layer should fall off.

Wash your nails with a disinfectant soap and water to remove all traces of acetone. Ensure to give time to your LDS Nails to recuperate. Then, you can apply cuticle oil to your nails and allow them to regain the lost moisture.

Bowl Soak Method

Many people can find the aluminum foil method tedious to use. The cotton balls can keep falling out of place. Besides, it can be challenging to use this method on both hands simultaneously without help from others. Therefore, the foil removal mode can take more time. The Bowl soak mode is a better alternative for such people.

You will require the following ingredients when using the Bowl Soak method. They include a nail file, cotton balls, acetone solution, a bowl, paper towels, and hand towels.

The procedure involves soaking your nails in a bowl filled with acetone. Before doing so, you should file off as much dip powder from your nails as possible. Once the layer becomes thin enough, you can proceed with soaking your nails in the bowl containing acetone. Placing a paper napkin at the bottom of the bowl enables you to rub your nails back and forth to create friction. In addition, it helps to remove the LDS dip powder easily.

You can place a steaming towel over the bowl to accelerate the process. However, you should not forget to apply petroleum jelly on the cuticles and the skin surrounding them to prevent exposure to acetone.

Finally, you can use a cotton ball soaked in acetone to remove the dip powder traces that stick to the nail.

Which Is the Better Method?

Though the bowl soak method can save time, it involves direct exposure to acetone. Hence, the chances of dehydration are higher. Nevertheless, you need to give time to your nails to recuperate. You can use either of these methods for nail polish removal. Both are equally effective.

How to Take Care of the Nails after LDS Dip Powder Removal?

The LDS dip nails polish removal procedure involves exposure to acetone, resulting in dehydration of the nails and the skin surrounding them. Therefore, you should not rush into a new nail manicure immediately after the dip powder removal. Instead, you have to give time to the nails to recuperate.

After the removal process, it is essential to massage your nails with cuticle oil to replenish the lost moisture. Besides, you should give your nails complete rest for about a week to let them aerate and recuperate naturally. In the meanwhile, you should have a healthy diet involving fluids to speed up the rehydrating process. Massaging the nails frequently with cuticle oil also helps to hasten the process considerably.

Thus, you must have noted how one can remove dip powder polish at home and ensure healthy nails.