Nail Polish Finishes You Will Love to Have

We welcome you to this blog, especially if you are confused about which finish to have on your nails. We agree that focusing on the perfect Daisy DND nail polish finish can sometimes be challenging because of the sheer variety of choices available to us. Various factors beyond the choice of color play a critical role in selecting the ideal manicure. These factors include shine, texture, and finish. This blog discusses the different nail polish finishes that give you a signature look. You can refer to the DND nail polish color chart to choose your favorite color and use the tips discussed here to get the most beautiful nail manicure.

Stylish Nail Polish Finishes That Can Make Your Day


The crème finish is classic and the most popular among women globally. The best feature of the crème finish is that it helps the manicure last longer. Secondly, it does not contain additives. So, it ranks as the healthiest of all nail polish finishes. Besides, the crème finish is available with almost every shade in the DND color chart.


Matte is another excellent nail polish finish that people love. The ideal way to get a matte finish is to keep the topcoat layers to a minimum. This finish does not have the shine of the crème finish, but it offers plenty of depth to add to your beauty quotient. However, a matte finish takes more time to dry than other finishes.


Gel polish finish does not need any introduction because it is one of the trendiest manicures in town. You have various kinds of gel polish finishes that include glossy and matte. Besides, daisy DND offers an extensive range of gel manicures. The advantage of gel polish is that they last for two to three weeks.


The neon finish is an innovative trend today, with women of all ages trying it out. It gives you an aesthetic feel with the colors gleaming in the dark. The perfect colors for a neon finish range from pink to orange. The golden neon finish is also popular because it imparts a retro feeling to the entire manicure.


The pearl finish is beautiful on your nails if you want a soft luster and a plain manicure. It is the most versatile of all finishes because you can have it in a range of light pinks to orange. The pearl finish is beautiful if you go for a crème polish or a colorful matte. Ideally, the neutral shades suit the pearl finish the best.

Metallic or Chrome

While the pearly finish gives you an innocent look, the metallic or chrome is ideal for a flashy appearance that immediately impacts the admirer. The range of metallic finishes on the DND nail polish color chart includes golden, silver, chrome, titanium, and others. But, of course, the exciting aspect of the metallic finish is its shine.


The younger generation loves the glitter finish because of the fun and the playful element the specks of glitter provide. However, we advise having an additional topcoat layer with the glitter because the glitter pieces can chip and fall off. Besides, removing the glitter polish finish is more challenging than regular nail polish. But, it brings unadulterated joy to your fingertips.


The latest trend going around in town is the holographic nail finish. This nail polish style is popular because it is iridescent and reflects light beautifully, making you the center of attraction wherever you go. The exciting aspect of the holographic finish is that it is ideal for summer and the spring seasons.


The foil finish is another nail polish type that reflects light beautifully after the metallic and holographic finishes. The light grey color resembles the aluminum foil on food and other articles. Hence, this exquisite finish has got the name foil. Daisy DND offers an exciting range of foil finishes to add to your glamor.


The magnetic finish is the latest trend among youth today. This finish involves using a magnet provided in the nail polish bottle cap to act on the metal particles and create beautiful designs, stripes, or waves. The beauty of the magnetic finish is that the designs are unique and differ from one fingernail to the other, thus, adding to your charm and attraction quotient.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed ten beautiful nail polish finishes that can add to your beauty and make you look your best every time. The DND polish color chart offers an excellent range of colors for you to choose from. Then, you can decide on the required finish to complete the nail manicure. Finally, you can have these fabulous designs on your fingernails and have a great time brandishing them on your social media accounts.