8 Stone Marble Nail Designs That You Can Do on Your Own

Marble countertops make a kitchen stunning and imperial. It is no wonder why marble nail designs are the newest style most women are wearing because stone marble nail designs are a stunning nail designs. Although it looks very difficult or complicated, it is very easy to do that even you can do it at home. Here are some designs that you can try so you can achieve the latest nail trend without spending tons of dollars in the salon.

Stone Marble Nail Designs

1. Classic White and Black Marble Nails

At first look you might think that this design is complicated, but the truth is this is the easiest one to recreate. All you need is a white polish for the base coat and a black polish to create the marble feature.

2. Black and Peach Marble Nail Design

If you don’t have the time to visit the salon, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a nice nails. Achieve a long lasting manicure at home with this creative marble nail designs. Using the same set of nail dipping powder and polish, you can have a fashionable marble nail design that will last longer than your regular acrylic and gel polish.

3. Marble Nail Design on Long and Pointed Nails

Marble nail designs works better with longer length nails to highlight the intricate patterns but we are not saying that you cannot achieve the same effect on shorter nails. The long and pointed nails will just give you more space to play around with shapes. The use of nail dipping powder will make the look come alive in this design.

4. Brown Stone Marble Nail Designs

This type of design will give you an earthy vibe. The combination of black, brown and white makes this eye-catching design worth it. The perfect combination of nail dipping powders creates a stunning look that anyone would be proud of.

5. Water Marble Nail Design

There are two types of marble design that you can do for your nails-water marble effects and stone marble nail design. They have two slightly different finishes. One is more tie-dye marble effect which is the water marble and the other one is stone effect. Whichever type you choose, make sure that you follow the tutorial properly.

6. White Marble and Gold Tape Design

This design can be achieve easily. Whether you choose the Classic White and Black Marble Nails or the Water Marble Nail Design, the metallic hues will work well in the mesmerizing marble effect. Once you are done with your chosen nail design, just add your gold stripe and you’re done.

7. Stone Marble Design and Rhinestones

Accentuate your stone marble design with rhinestones and you can attend any formal event like star. You and your talons will be selfie ready with this fabulous design.

8. Half and Half Marble Nails

This look can be achieved by painting half of the nail with a single-colored DND DC gel nail polish and the other half with stone marble design. Use your gold tape to split the nail and add the marble effect on the tips of your nail.