How to Appy DND Nail Polish at Home

Nail polish is an integral aspect of every woman’s beauty quotient. It allows her to show off her neatly manicured nails and make a compelling fashion statement. Though there are different nail manicures available, women love to go for the gel and lacquer combo or the dipping powder manicures because of the durability factor. Besides, Daisy DND nail polish offers a fantastic range of gel and lacquer combos in a riot of colors.

This article discusses how to do a gel-lacquer combo at home.

In the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, you pay a heavy price if you move out of your house. However, there is no reason for girls to feel dejected that they cannot visit a nail salon to get their favorite manicure. You can do your gel manicure without moving an inch from your home. Let us come to the main course directly without wasting any time.

Get your basics right

Before you sit down to have a gel manicure at home, you have to keep the ingredients handy. You would not love to search for a specific item with nail polish dripping all over the place. You can buy the DND nail polishonline or from your nearest boutique. These kits come with all the ingredients in a single place. If you plan to purchase the items separately, you will need the UV lamp, a nail buff, cuticle oil, a topcoat, a base coat, and the Daisy DND nails to get started.

Step by Step apply DND Nail Polish at Home

Prepare your nails for the manicure

It is advisable to use a sterilized nail cutter or nail file to cut and trim your nails. They should be of equal length if you want to show them off on social media. Before you are ready to go, ensure that the nails are smooth without any rough edges.

Apply cuticle oil to the nail beds

Cuticles can come in the way of an exquisite nail manicure. Hence, it is essential to push them back. The ideal way is to use cuticle oil on the nail beds to soften them up. In this way, you can push them back gently. However, the important point is that you should clean your nails with soap after pushing the cuticles. The oil residue on your nails can cause the gel nails to lift.

Once you wash your hands, wipe them dry with a lint-free towel.

Buff your nails

Buffing your nails is critical because it could let the natural oils build up if you do not. These oils can damage your nail manicure and reduce its lifespan. You should remember to get rid of the residue and the natural oils, if any, using an alcohol wipe.

The Base coat application

The base coat is common for all gel manicures and dip powder manicures. It lays the ideal foundation for the DND nail polish set to stick to your nails. After you apply the base coat, it is essential to cure it under the UV lamp for a minimum of 30 seconds.

The Paint Job

After confirming that the base coat has been cured under the UV lamp, you can proceed with the job of painting your nails. Pick up your favorite color from the DND and start painting the nails using uniform and gentle strokes. It helps to avoid smudging the polish. You can apply multiple coats to get a thicker layer, but you must ensure to cure each coat under the UV lamp before repeating the job.

It ensures that you get a nice opaque color to your nails. If you want to try out multiple colors, you can do so but curing each coat under the UV is essential for an excellent job.

The topcoat is the final step

Once you finish the paint job and the curing part, you need to apply the topcoat to give your nails the required glossy look. The topcoat is a transparent layer that enhances the overall shine and makes your nails look their best.

After applying the topcoat, it is necessary to cure it under the UV lamp. This process allows the topcoat to dry and stick to the paint layer.

You can also add a layer of cuticle oil over the topcoat to give your nails a hydrating treat.

Show off your nail manicure on Instagram

Your smartphone is waiting for you to snap pictures of your neatly manicured gel nails and post them on Instagram and other social media handles.


Is it not easy to have a gel manicure at home? However, it would be best if you made it a point to use quality products like DND nail polish gel set. Your nails are now ready to last for two to three weeks.

Keep watching this space for tips on how to maintain your gel manicure and remove it.