Things You Should Know about Nugenesis Dipping Powder

The Nugenesis dipping powder process has existed for twenty years and has gained familiarity due to its advantages among other dipping powders.

However, you should take your time to ensure all the materials needed to apply Nugenesis dipping powder are available.

Many dipping powders are in Vogue, but this dipping powder possesses the features to provide good, neat, and fascinating nail care.

Is Nugenesis dipping powder simple to use?

Yes, Nugenesis dipping powder is simple to use by anybody, either a nail care expert or non-expert.

Below are the steps to follow:

Wash your hands and fingers in clean water to protect them from germs.

Scrape the top of your nails to get rid of the dry cuticle/leftover of previous nail varnish.

Trim your nails till it reaches your desired length.

Apply your Nugenesis preparatory liquid and leave it to dry once you have scraped your nail top.

Put your Nugenesis gel base on the nail and dip into the Nugenesis dipping powder.

Once again, apply the gel base on the nail and dip it into the dipping powder. Ensure to dip all your nails into the powder.

If you have a flexible nail, you should apply the gel base and the powder three times to possess a glowing and shiny nail.

It would be best to sprinkle a liquid nail activator on the nail and then leave the nails for thirty minutes to dry.

Can Nugenesis be wiped off easily?

No matter the number of coats on the nails and the life durations of this dipping powder on the nails, you can easily let off the Nugenesis powder from the nails when the need arises.

You can either use an acetone-filled regular nail polish detacher or an acetone-filled cotton swab to wipe off the powder. Fold the cotton around the nails for fifteen minutes.

Regularly check to know when the nail coat puffs up, and then rub the nail with a hand cream to recover the nail moisture you might have lost when you use the nail detacher.

Since you want to use acrylic polish, your nails must always be wiped and sealed with new varnish. Select from  Nugenesis polish Colors to give your nails long-lasting nail care.

Nugenesis dipping powder comprises of  various colors such as:

Nugenesis summer colors

There are one hundred and six different colors in this color pack. This color stands out beautifully and brings the best out of your nail care.

Base pink

This dipping powder color will give you a classic and fabulous nail appearance.

Princess honey color

This nugenesis dip nail color looks pleasant on nails.


This Nugenesis polish color complements the nail hues and adds more beauty to your nail.

Base: The Nugenesis kits vary from size two to sixteen. You can select your choice from these sizes.

Common Dipping Powder Issue and how to avoid it

Here are some solutions to common dipping powder issues such as cracking, lifting, and expanding.

Nail-lifting Problems

The issue of nail lifting usually occurs when dipping powder does not fix rightly to the nails. Nail lifting comes about from the nail prepping stage when the nail plate has moisture content or debris; hence proper adhesion doesn’t occur.

The Solution: Be careful during the prepping stage if you notice nail lifting. Make use of excellent cuticle remover, which helps to eradicate dead skins from the nail plate. After that, use a primer to remove moisture from the nail before you apply the base.

Cracking Problems

Applying the product unevenly on the nails can lead to cracking. The brush angle plays a vital role in preventing cracking as an upright tilted brush leads to uneven ridges and hills.

The Solution: For an even application, ensure the brush is held parallel to the nail, with long-stroke movement from the cuticle to the edges. Next, dip the nail into dipping powder at an angle of 45 degrees to guarantee a smooth powdery surface.

Expanding Problems

It can be almost impossible to maintain color within the nail boundaries, even with thin coat layers. There is an issue with Nugenesis dipping powder as it easily absorbs products and may extend over cuticles and sidewalls if not applied rightly.

The Solution: Add adhesive on ¾ part of the nail with a little margin below the cuticle. At an angle of 45 degrees, dip the finger in your dip powder. Brush off the excess. Next, add a second coat with a silver lining space left below the cuticle. Repeat this dipping process.


Nugenesis dipping powder application procedure is the same as when you apply the gel nail varnish, but it doesn’t require an ultraviolet lamp to cure.

This dipping powder stays firmly on the nails for a long time without peeling off. The Nugenesis powder nails doesn’t fade or peel even when dipped in water for a long time.

Nugenesis dipping powder is different from the regular nail varnish. Indeed, you can always rely on this dipping powder any moment you want to opt for a nail dipping system.