Best Professional Gel Nail Kits for Starters

Gel manicure is the new popular choice for women when they do manicures. Many women prefer gel manicures because they do not have time to visit a salon for a manicure, and gel nail polish is straightforward to use and to make it easier for customers to do their manicures by themselves at home; nail care companies started producing nail kits. Nail kits consist of everything necessary you’ll need to do a manicure.

The nail kits include a top coat, base coat, UV or LED light for curing, and other essential nail care products. For people that want to do self manicure but have no idea the best gel nail kit to purchase, the list below is a guide for the best gel nail polish kits you can lay your hands on.

Top 9 Professional Gel Nail Kits for Starters

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Kit

The Gellen brand is one of the foremost brands in the production of gel nail polishes. Their gel polish kit is favored by many people worldwide because it is straightforward and it gives a shiny outlook. This kit is also loved because it does not chip. The equipment carries six actual gel colors, a base coat, a top coat, a UV light, and some other accessories. Another benefit is that it is super affordable.

Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit

Beetles are one of the fast-rising companies in the nail care industry because of the quality products they make. The company aims at making everything easy for their customers, and that is why they compiled their own special gel nail polish kits. Beetles’ polishes are known to last long, and they dry fast. And they are also loved because it has a wider range of colors than most gel kits.

Vishine Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Vishine Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit is another wonderfully curated set of nail care products. It is most excellent because it carries other nail care products essential to make the self manicure aside from the six colors in the pack. The tools in the box are professional tools that would make the manicure look professional.

Pro 45 Starter Kit

This kit is a popular kit that Red Carpet Manicure produced. It is called a Pro kit because it is specially compiled to make the nail manicure look professional and easy to apply. The instructions for this gel kit are straightforward, and if followed correctly, the manicure can last up to two weeks without chipping.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Kit + Top Coat Kit

Essie is a well-known nail care brand that makes different types of nail care products, and this kit is one of their best gel polish kits. The application process of this kit is two steps which means that you would apply the gel color first then use a top coat to complete the manicure. An advantage of this kit is that it does not require a LED light to cure, and the products in the kit are cheaper as a kit than buying them separately. And Essie gel colors are some of the best gel colors in the industry.

Gelish Mini Soak Off Professional Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

This kit is manufactured by gelish, a well-known nail care brand, and this kit is fantastic for starters who are trying self manicure for the first time because it is easy to use. This kit is a mini kit which means that it is also affordable. The equipment carries five different colors that you can use together, and the gel color dries fast, although this kit comes with a LED light. You might not need to use the LED light for an extended period.

Coscolia Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

If you love your nails to look shiny, then this kit from Coscelia is your best option. The equipment carries five beautiful nail colors and has additions like gems. It is a starter kit which means that it is straightforward to apply. One advantage of this kit is that you can do nail arts with it, and it comes with a LED light. And there are also other essential nail care products and tools in the kit.

Sally Hansen Salon Pro Starter Kit

Sally Hansen manufactures some of the most popular nail care products in the industry, and this kit is a testament to the standard qualities they make. The application process for this kit is three steps, although it is a starter kit and it is easy to use. One advantage is that the kit comes with a LED light to cure the gel, although the LED light is not significant, and it may take some time to fix all your fingers. Nevertheless, the kit is an excellent round kit with various beautiful gel colors for your manicure.

Sensationail Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Sensationail is a nail care company that gained its popularity from its production of gel products which is one reason why many people patronize them for their gel nail polish kits. This kit is a starter kit which means anybody can easily use it for a self manicure. The product assures a professional gel manicure if the instructions are correctly followed. The kit comes with unique gel colors and other products and tools for a manicure.


Nail polish gel manufacturers have studied their customers, and that is why they made starter gel nail kits so that you can purchase and do your gel manicure by yourself instead of spending your precious time at the salon.

Also, the production of gel nail kits has saved customers lots of money because the products in the kits are often more costly individually than when they are in a kit altogether. And also, you don’t have to spend money at the salon for a manicure.

This list of gel polish kits is popular as some of the best nail polish kits you can lay your hands on because the companies above are gel polish manufacturers before they start making nail kits, and they are all easy to use and affordable.