Get Your Best Dip Powder Manicures Most Safely

A beautifully-done dip powder manicure is a cherished experience. Besides making you look attractive, a properly-performed nail manicure can enhance your confidence levels by several notches. While it is better to seek professional help in getting the best dip powder manicure, you can have one at home. However, the procedure requires a lot of practice and high-quality equipment like SNS nail kits and SNS powder. Therefore, let us discuss how to get the best dip powder manicure in the safest manner possible.

How to Apply Best Dip Powder Manicures

Get your kit in order

While getting the best dip powder manicure, you should keep your kit handy so that you do not have to go searching during crucial moments, like using the topcoat. The topcoat can dry quickly in a dip powder manicure. Having your SNS nail kits ready on hand can help as you can wipe out the topcoat layers that spill over to your fingers during the procedure immediately before they become dry.

Prepare your nails well

The most crucial aspect of a dip powder manicure is prepping the nails. It can be surprising that you spend more than 50% of your time prepping the nails compared to the rest of the manicure process. Your SNS nail kit has all the ingredients required for prepping your nails. Use sterilized nail clippers to trim your nails well. The nail file can come in handy in shaping the nails perfectly.

If your nail has existing polish, you should remove it to ensure a perfect manicure. Generally, scraping away at the polish residue should prove sufficient. However, if the polish layer is thick, you have to perform the full nail polish removal procedure to eliminate it.

You can scrape at the nail surface using the sterilized nail buff. It helps to rough up the surface and makes applying the dip powder manicure easy. On scraping the nail, you should wash the debris with alcohol. It not only cleans the nail but disinfects it thoroughly.

Finally, you should push the cuticles into their grooves. Many people tend to trim their cuticles, but it is not advisable. It is always better to push the cuticles using an orangewood cuticle pusher. It ensures to keep the cuticles out of the way of your dip powder manicure and prevent it from lifting.

The dip powder manicure

Once your nails are perfectly prepped for the job, you can proceed with the dip powder manicure. The process starts with the basecoat application. You should note to have as thin a basecoat application as possible. A thick basecoat can result in a thicker nail manicure.

When applying the basecoat, you should leave a gap of around a millimeter or two near the cuticles. It ensures that the cuticles do not come in the way of the manicure. The best aspect of dip powder is that it sticks to the basecoat and not your nail. Therefore, leaving a gap near the cuticle ensures that the powder does not flood the cuticles.

The common procedure is to dip your nails into the SNS powder. Most nail salons use this procedure. However, it is not hygienic. The best way is to use a clean brush and dip it into the powder. Then, use the brush to sprinkle the powder on your nails. It ensures a thin layer of dip powder on your nails.

Applying the activator gel is the next step in the procedure. The activator ensures that the powder ingredients react well with the basecoat and form a strong layer. Then, you can file your nails at the edges to shape them perfectly.

The topcoat application is the final step in the dip powder manicure. It ensures that your manicure gets the perfect luster. If you love to have a matte finish, it is better to have one layer of topcoat. On the other hand, multiple topcoat layers enable you to get a glossy finish.

Now your dip powder manicure is ready to last for a minimum of three to four weeks. However, it is essential to maintain your nails and make them last as long as possible. You can use cuticle oil and maintain the shine on your dip powder nails. Massaging them frequently can help the nails to remain shiny throughout.

The advantage of dip powder manicures is that they form a protective layer on your nails and prevent them from chipping off. However, you should ensure not to have thick layers of dip powder.

You can also have dip powders on nail extensions and have a great time showcasing them on your Instagram and other social media handles.

Final Thoughts

You can notice that having a dip powder is not at all challenging. Anyone can master the procedure with practice. However, you should use high-quality products like SNS nails to get the best possible dip powder manicures.